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8/9/09 10:33 am - missjenji - Rescue seeking help so they can continue to save shelter dogs!

 Like many nonprofit, volunteer-based organizations, NLOL has been hit hard by the recession, putting our mission to save shelter animals in jeopardy. It’s this same economic climate that’s forcing people who were barely scraping by to have to make the heartbreaking decision to give their animals away. As a result, the shelters are more crowded than ever.
Which is exactly why these loving, wonderful animals need your help NOW.
Your contribution, large or small, is our LIFELINE to the at-risk-animals during these difficult and frightening times. New Leash On Life will FIGHT to keep its doors open so that we can continue to help the homeless animals that are dying in shelters every day.  We will FIGHT to keep the Lend a Paw Program alive so that our therapy dogs can continue their weekly visits to hospitalized patients.  We will FIGHT to keep our doors open because the thousands of abandoned and starving dogs desperate for food, love and eventually a home MUST be helped. This is our mission. This is what we do.
Together, we will work to raise $60,000.00.The good news is we’re already half way there. Members of the NLOL Board of Directors have pledged to match all donations DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR up to $30,000 for the next two months. This means by September 15th, 2009, we must raise $30,000 in donations from NLOL supporters like you in order to take advantage of the Board’s matching pledge and reach our goal. It may seem like a lot, but we WILL get there if everyone pitches in.  Whether it’s $30 from 1000 supporters, $50 from 600, $100 from 300 or $1000 from 30, if we do this together, EVERY donation, no matter how small will play a BIG part. The more you’re able to give, the more lives will be saved.

Visit https://newleash.ipower.com/donationform.asp to donate and follow our progress!

8/16/08 12:56 pm - autumn_hearth - Sweet grey cat in need

I'm from NW Indiana and recently have been taking caring of an injured stray.  I was planning on adopting him myself, but when I took him to the vet he tested positive for feline leukemia.   I have two healthy indoor cats and no spare room in which he can live so I'm hoping to find him another home.  He is a very loving and patient 12-24 mo yr old male who was likely an indoor cat previously and has demonstrated excellent litter box skills.  He needs an equally loving home where he can rest and recover in a clean environment.  If he can fight off the infection from the wounds on his back paw he'll have a better chance of fight off FeLV.  I am willing to transport him anywhere in Indiana, Chicago, southern Michigan, Toledo or Cleveland areas.  Please contact me at cedaravenna@yahoo.com or (440)623-0789

More pictures can be found here: http://cedarravenna.livejournal.com/11743.html
Info on his condition can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feline_leukemia_virus

8/18/07 09:36 am - kamoriaha - Help

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I have found a colony of stray cats numbering about 12-20. If anyone wants to adopt a cat or can spay/neuter one, please let me know. They are all really sweet and I'd love to find them good homes.

6/12/07 10:58 am - ladysilvermoon - Siamese Kitty- Jasmine

Hi, there. I just joined this community. I'm posting this for anyone who would be willing to help out a kitty. If this isn't allowed, I'm sorry. Feel free to delete it. But if you can help that would be SO WONDERFUL.

Last year I rented a house with my boyfriend and his friend Matt. Matt had a cat named Jasmine- who is a very sweet, but almost pathologically shy siamese cat. He joined the Navy and now he can't have her. My boyfriend and I are moving into an apartment with a new roommate who is allergic to cats- so as much as we love Jasmine and desperately want to keep her- we can't!

Because she's so shy and is actually a little strangely developed for a Siamese cat I do not ever ever EVER want to put her in a shelter. I do NOT want anything bad to happen to her.

I live in the Saint Louis area and I've posted an ad on Craigslist and e-mailed a couple places in the area that say that they foster cats. I haven't gotten any replies yet and am desperate. I'm sure most of you don't live in the area, but I wanted to post this on a site with fellow animal lovers to see if you could help me. Do you have any ideas of what I can do??

Here's a picture of her:
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Thanks for ANY help you can offer me.

12/8/06 09:37 am - kamoriaha

Originally uploaded by kamoriaha.

My friend Christina found this puppy last night and she needs a home!! I know you all want a puppy. Please find a home for her.

Folder: Puppy needs a home!

9/22/06 01:55 pm - stripedpony - Hello to all.

I just wanted to share with you my 1st rescued pup. He was found at a wood yard in Lousisna and the owner there was going to shoot him becouse he couldnt catch him. He was finally caught by a friend of mine who took him home to his wife. His wife didnt want him and they were going to send him to the pound. I got him from them. We think hes about 4 and that he is a mixed Chihuahua/Papillon. We are sure of the Pap just not the other mix. I have to say hes truly the best dog Ive ever had. Ive named him Sundance and had him almost 2 yrs. Hes my 1st ever mixed breed dog after having schnauzers all my life.

9/20/06 02:54 pm - sweetpea456 - Over a year ago

I should have gotten to this a few weeks ago, but...

We have had Max in our family for just over a year now.  He's been such a good dog, notwithstanding the few potty incidents and the garbage...but he's good and spoiled.   

If we had a bigger house and bigger yard we would get another dog, most likely another shelter dog.  I can't understand spending money on a dog when there are so many good animals waiting for the right home in shelters. 

7/28/06 11:29 pm - deadendkid

Hello everyone! Im new and I love animals. Here is my latest rescue. He is actually mine. (The other animals I adopted/rescued I gave to my parents.) But Brodie is all mine! :)

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7/26/06 01:03 pm - frozen_inplace - I need help!

Ever since my doggie Rockette died, we've had the worst problem with fleas!

They're in the yard, on the inside dogs, in the house. How can we get rid of them in an easy manner? I've thought about foggers, but there's no where for the two house dogs and my grandmother to go for two hours while the foggers do their thing.

Any ideas?

The inside dogs have been bathed and have gotten Heartline flea/tick treatments.

6/9/06 01:00 am - frozen_inplace - Ain't she purdy?

I nominated Lily in a "Cutest Pet" Superlative in serene_petals.

Do you think she's cute?

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She's gotten SO much bigger since I posted here last.
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