Savaaha d'Loren (stripedpony) wrote in adopt_love,
Savaaha d'Loren

Hello to all.

I just wanted to share with you my 1st rescued pup. He was found at a wood yard in Lousisna and the owner there was going to shoot him becouse he couldnt catch him. He was finally caught by a friend of mine who took him home to his wife. His wife didnt want him and they were going to send him to the pound. I got him from them. We think hes about 4 and that he is a mixed Chihuahua/Papillon. We are sure of the Pap just not the other mix. I have to say hes truly the best dog Ive ever had. Ive named him Sundance and had him almost 2 yrs. Hes my 1st ever mixed breed dog after having schnauzers all my life.

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oh gosh I loooooove him.
What a cutie! He looks like he could fly away with those ears!
Precious! Who couldn't love that face?!
awe, congrats!
those are some crazy ears!!!

Thanks guys.. He is a truly sweet pup, smart as a whip too tho he tends to go psychotic over cheese. the most difficult thing ive taught him is a command called "Go round" with this is he gets wrapped up around anyone or thing he will circle it to untangle, "otherway" sends him in the oppasite direction.

Sometimes when hes just walking leashless I can give that command and he will walk circles around who ever is closest to him.
What a cute little guy. Someone wanted to shoot him? Geez! Who would ever want to send that cutie to the pound?