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Siamese Kitty- Jasmine

Hi, there. I just joined this community. I'm posting this for anyone who would be willing to help out a kitty. If this isn't allowed, I'm sorry. Feel free to delete it. But if you can help that would be SO WONDERFUL.

Last year I rented a house with my boyfriend and his friend Matt. Matt had a cat named Jasmine- who is a very sweet, but almost pathologically shy siamese cat. He joined the Navy and now he can't have her. My boyfriend and I are moving into an apartment with a new roommate who is allergic to cats- so as much as we love Jasmine and desperately want to keep her- we can't!

Because she's so shy and is actually a little strangely developed for a Siamese cat I do not ever ever EVER want to put her in a shelter. I do NOT want anything bad to happen to her.

I live in the Saint Louis area and I've posted an ad on Craigslist and e-mailed a couple places in the area that say that they foster cats. I haven't gotten any replies yet and am desperate. I'm sure most of you don't live in the area, but I wanted to post this on a site with fellow animal lovers to see if you could help me. Do you have any ideas of what I can do??

Here's a picture of her:
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Thanks for ANY help you can offer me.
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