Autumn Aelwyd (autumn_hearth) wrote in adopt_love,
Autumn Aelwyd

Sweet grey cat in need

I'm from NW Indiana and recently have been taking caring of an injured stray.  I was planning on adopting him myself, but when I took him to the vet he tested positive for feline leukemia.   I have two healthy indoor cats and no spare room in which he can live so I'm hoping to find him another home.  He is a very loving and patient 12-24 mo yr old male who was likely an indoor cat previously and has demonstrated excellent litter box skills.  He needs an equally loving home where he can rest and recover in a clean environment.  If he can fight off the infection from the wounds on his back paw he'll have a better chance of fight off FeLV.  I am willing to transport him anywhere in Indiana, Chicago, southern Michigan, Toledo or Cleveland areas.  Please contact me at or (440)623-0789

More pictures can be found here:
Info on his condition can be found here:
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Is there a way you can get your other two cats vaccined against it? It may be something worth asking the vet about. I'm not sure exactly how well the vaccine works or anything, but there is one available.