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Rescue seeking help so they can continue to save shelter dogs!

 Like many nonprofit, volunteer-based organizations, NLOL has been hit hard by the recession, putting our mission to save shelter animals in jeopardy. It’s this same economic climate that’s forcing people who were barely scraping by to have to make the heartbreaking decision to give their animals away. As a result, the shelters are more crowded than ever.
Which is exactly why these loving, wonderful animals need your help NOW.
Your contribution, large or small, is our LIFELINE to the at-risk-animals during these difficult and frightening times. New Leash On Life will FIGHT to keep its doors open so that we can continue to help the homeless animals that are dying in shelters every day.  We will FIGHT to keep the Lend a Paw Program alive so that our therapy dogs can continue their weekly visits to hospitalized patients.  We will FIGHT to keep our doors open because the thousands of abandoned and starving dogs desperate for food, love and eventually a home MUST be helped. This is our mission. This is what we do.
Together, we will work to raise $60,000.00.The good news is we’re already half way there. Members of the NLOL Board of Directors have pledged to match all donations DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR up to $30,000 for the next two months. This means by September 15th, 2009, we must raise $30,000 in donations from NLOL supporters like you in order to take advantage of the Board’s matching pledge and reach our goal. It may seem like a lot, but we WILL get there if everyone pitches in.  Whether it’s $30 from 1000 supporters, $50 from 600, $100 from 300 or $1000 from 30, if we do this together, EVERY donation, no matter how small will play a BIG part. The more you’re able to give, the more lives will be saved.

Visit https://newleash.ipower.com/donationform.asp to donate and follow our progress!

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