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adopted/found/rescued animals we love.

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3/31/06 12:35 am - lone_ranger_08

This is the first time I've posted a picture of my newest baby... :)

This is Lily--
Image hosting by Photobucket

This is my first adopted/"salvaged" dog, Buster--
Image hosting by Photobucket

We just got Lily on Sunday, March 26. We've had Buster for several years now.

Lily was dumped out, along with her two sisters, at my church.
Buster was discovered when my dad saw a poster about free beagle puppies. Turns out he's actually beagle-labrador mix.

No matter how I came across them, I'll love 'em forever.

12/27/05 03:49 pm - carrieish - christmas dogs!

the dogs sure did like their toys.
amanda helped them open their christmas stocking and they both went bonkers.
neither knew which toy to play with first.
and of course they always want the same one...

anyway, dakota got tired and found the ripped off christmas paper would make a comfortable bed.
we threw her reindeer ears on her and called it a night.

just noticed there are actually a few members.
any christmas photos of your pets?

12/27/05 03:46 pm - pole_electric

So, is anyone ever going to post in here or what? ;-]
How was everyone's xmas? Carrie (the mod) got our dogs (l-r: kyla and dakota) a big candy cane full of stuffed santas, xmas trees and chew toys. Carrie! Post a pic of dakota in the wrapping paper!

9/28/05 01:06 pm - carrieish - mod post

(I can admit it,
I've always wanted to type "mod post" in the subject!

hello and thank you for visiting and/or joining adopt_love.
this is a community to brag about your adopted/found/rescue/etc. animals.
(not to be limited to dogs & cats only, or to purebred or mixes.
all are welcomed here...)
this is not, however, a community for breeders or supporters of such.
there are plenty of other communities for that elsewhere.

anyway, I've grown somewhat tired of other communities
and felt the need to start my own.
there are many fun things to come...
but stick with me as this community is barely on day 1.

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